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Used Amazon Seller Settings Tips

Once you have decided to be an Amazon seller there are some settings essentials that you need to know. This article focuses on setting up tips for Amazon sellers.

Setting up on Amazon may be easy and appear straightforward. Know this, if you set up wrong settings and rushed through your account set up, you will plummet your business before it even takes a firm step ahead.

You have to show professionalism once you are an Amazon seller for the customer to take you seriously and consider you a legit Amazon seller. This article will come handy to drive sales forward and in a smooth manner.

Get your paperwork done

There are many factors that come under this term. Starting with your name, address and contact information. Your email address should be separate from your personal account. This is essential, as it will keep things sorted and categorized. As an Amazon Seller, you wouldn’t want to miss your important business email. Moreover, try making your email sound professional, don’t provide them the ID you made in grade 5.

You should have an active phone number. Don’t forget to place your phone nearby when registering. Your credit card should be internationally chargeable. You, being an Amazon seller, are now working for the global e-commerce market. Furthermore, your Tax ID information should be precise. It is wise to speak with a tax attorney in the state you work in, to be aware of the payable amount of the profits earned.

Used Amazon Seller Settings Tips
Amazon Seller Settings

Amazon Order Returns

As an Amazon seller, know that your product wouldn’t always be perfect. Returns can be a hassle for you if you do not a proper process in place. Decide whether you would want to handle the return by your own or let another team handle it.

Product Restrictions

This is the most vital seller settings tips. Many a time you end up purchasing things that seem to catch the interest of the buyer, only to know that Amazon has it on the restricted list. As an Amazon seller, make sure your product falls into one of the allowed product categories. Your status of ‘Amazon seller’ can be snatched away from you if you still chose to sell those items. Know there is a whole seller control team set by Amazon to keep a check and yes you will get caught.

Keep an eye out for expenses

A good Amazon seller keeps a balance between profits and managing inventory and shipment. You should know the flow rate of orders and the time of year to stock on items.

One seller, one account

A greedy Amazon seller is a suspended one. It is crucial that you go through each and every regulation properly before you complete your registration. According to their policy, one Amazon seller cannot have more than one account. If caught doing so, you can be kicked out.


Lastly, your top priority must be your customers. Keep excellent customer services, and deal with their feedbacks and reviews with honesty. Make your communication settings flexible for the customers to feel welcome in inquiring about the product. In the end, it will be them giving your profits.

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