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I-Blason Armorbox Case

iPhone XS is not an easy purchase. With the heavy investment, there is bound to be an effective way to protect and enhance the long-term achievement. Why spend an excess amount of money only to witness a heartbreaking accident with your phone? This is why you should not be wasting any time buying a durable, high-quality cover to protect your iPhone XS from clumsy accidents.

360° protection

With a phone as expensive as iPhone XS, you should be looking for covers that will offer maximum protection in order to save yourself from experiencing embarrassing encounters resulting in potentially heavy damage to your phone. The i-Blason Armorbox Case offers 360° protection by carrying an exterior hard shell and an inner built-in screen protector, saving from the ruthless accidents of the external world.

I-Blason Armorbox Case
I-Blason Armorbox Case


The case embraces a multiuse kickstand. The safe kickstand offers a dual way of approaching the hands-free usage of the iPhone XS. You can now utilize the kickstand in both horizontal and vertical positions to watch the movies, videos or just Netflix and chill. We all like to eat snacks and watch. With the help of the cover, you can enhance your binge-watching experience.

The range of colors

With durable protection for the cover, you cannot ignore the style to match with your iPhone XS. The i-Blason Armorbox Case comes in a range of colors that can be attributed as per your preference. Ranging from the dark colors to a bunch of soft colors, you can easily choose your favorite color from the wide-ranged pallete and carry your iPhone XS with style.

I-Blason Armorbox Case
Blason Armorbox Pink Case


The incredible design of i-Blason Armorbox Case is comprised of durable components that protect it from encountering falls. Furthermore, the impeccable structure of the phone cover makes it reliable for long-0term use. It is as durable as it is affordable. You cannot skip this pheon cover if you require a protective phone cover because it is enhanced with a shock-proofing feature. This will save your phone and you from potential shocks and heartbreaks.

Belt clip holster

The i-Blason Armorbox Case comes with a belt clip holster for easy portability. You can now travel wand shop without having to carry your phone in your hands or keeping it in your pockets where it is vulnerable to theft. Enjoy your time with your friends and family by keeping your iPhone XS close to yourself, safe in your belt, but simultaneously, with the hands-free usage.

Price point

There have been many reviews and feedbacks regarding eth cover which has demanded us to review this particular phone. It has various engaging features that make it viable for use in the price that is available on the market. It is of 18$ online and can be bought with ease over eBay.

With the incredible investment that you put into your iPhone XS, buy this i-Blason Armorbox Case to enhance your experience and provide maximum protection through all angles to your phone within a small range of price.

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