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Gucci Courrier iPhone 7 Cover

When you want fashion and finesse molded together, you proceed towards the fashion gods. Gucci is a fashion-forward giant. Their products not only exude style, but they also are effective in their purpose.

This review is about the Gucci Courrier iPhone 7 Folio Cover. This cover will put all the other smartphone users to shame. It has features that can outshine other cases easily. Its high standard aesthetics with its luxurious feel will uplift your iPhone experience magnanimously.

Cover Description

This cover is crafted in Italy. The folio case has a hard plastic shell inside it to encase the phone.  The front flap has embroidery is done on it which we will get to later, but first functionality. It is the perfect phone cover for you if you like to travel minimally.

Gucci Courrier iPhone 7 Cover

Light and breezy

The flap opposing the plastic shell has two slots. These make the existence of the wallet null and void enabling you to be light and breezy. You can fit in cash, cards, and receipts. The other flap has the plastic case glued to it. There are no side walls, which ensure the case to be light and phone’s originality isn’t lost. The top and bottom edges don’t let the phone move and aligns precisely with the camera slot.

Leather lining

The interior lining leather has a granulated texture. This will safeguard the ever so fragile screen from scratches. The soft leather makes sure that no dust or debris rubs against the screen. The dense leather also exudes class as compared to the other not so appealing suede linings of other cases.

The case being all leather is a tough one to nudge. The corners have Airmail piping. This bordering is sewn in with a tau thread and neat lines. The rounded corner and precise sewing give it a very neat look. It also prevents the corners from wear.

All in all, the lavish leather envelops your phone. This leather will not wear away easily. The Gucci Courrier iPhone 7’s elegant design and look are seamless for your supple iPhone 7.

Gucci Courrier iPhone 7 Cover
Gucci Courrier iPhone 7 Cover


There are simply not enough words to describe its chic design. The embroidered cover and the artistic details make the phone look amazing and at the same time does not add bulk to it. The cover is a beige GG canvas and is composed of an environmentally friendly brown leather. The embroidered UFO and vintage logo have been hand-applied to the cover, making every cover have its own place. These pictures add color and design to the subtle background.

The Airmail piping with its red and white striped makes the case more vivid. The vivacious colors of the Airmail make the skin colored background brighten up.

Lastly comes the UFO engraved charm. This is hooked on the corner of the case. It is parallel to the design and complements the case by adding a shiny gold to the cover.

Price Point

This case costs $520 at the original Gucci site. Better grab it before it runs out.


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