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DTTO Romance Case

When you bought your iPhone XS, you would have been delighted at the slim, sleek features of your incredulous phone. Now that you have bought it, you cannot just keep admiring those looks without protecting it from the outside world. Any phone you buy is liable to fall or become prone to damage, but you can do everything in your power in order to protect it.

With iPhone XS in your hands, you are bound to keep that purchase for long-term investment by buying a cover that is suitable. We are offering you with just the right cover to please your taste buds; DTTO Romance Case

DTTO Romance Case



The DTTO Romance Case comes composed in three different layers for maximum protection to your iPhone XS. There is an inner honeycomb layer, a middle hard PC layer and an outer anti-scratch silicon layer that is bound to offer the protection your phone needs from clumsy accidental encounters and potential falls.

The smart tri-layered, hybrid cover provides not just protection but overall protection while carrying a smooth and slim profile.

Thermal dissipation

Most often, you could experience your phone getting hot and reducing your battery power. With this extraordinary DTTO Romance Case, you need not to worry about your phone experiencing internal damage in the heat that is confiscated between your phone and the cover.The phone case embraces a thermal dissipation feature that releases up to 80% of the heat into the atmosphere and enhances your phone experience by increasing the lifespan up to 30%.

Durable and strong grip

The DTTO Romance Case comes packed with a strong, curved grip of the phone. You can easily handle the iPhone XS without the worry of it falling off your hands because what is the use of a cover if it does not provide a firm grip on the phone? Furthermore, the case comes with various cut-outs for every necessary button and increased lips for a safeguard to the camera and the screen.

The phone cover is composed of non-toxic components that are durable for use. The case should be offering long-term use otherwise it is a waste of money for purchasing a multi-use case for your incredible iPhone XS when it is liable to heavy damage.

Elegant look

The DTTO Romance Case comes in a bunch of different colors if pink is not the right option for you. From black to various soft and dark colors, the case is available in seven different beautiful range that can best suit your preference.

The phone cover is sleek and smooth, providing an elegant profile to your already elegant iPhone XS.  You should not be hiding it under a basic cover that does do not match with its elegance. This DTTO Romance Case is just what your iPhone needs.

Amount it costs

With its additional wireless charging feature, impeccable protection and lifetime warranty ordered by DDTO, there is nothing feels that a good phone cover should offer. With silicon cases as expensive as 50$, the DTTO Romance Case is available in only 19$. Buy this amazing cover and protect it from the external world.

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