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Is inventory management becoming a headache for you? Constantly fearing a stock-out of your goodies in fulfillment of business by Amazon? No need to go through the pain of worrying about organizing your stock to keep a steady flow of products and profits. Amazon Stock Help and inventory management guide is a god-sent for you entrepreneurs on Amazon Seller Central.

You can use the tools in your seller account and consult Amazon Stock Help for all your inventory grievances, from listing products to creating shipping plans, to sending in your shipped goods, to tracking the progress of your shipments and removing stocked products from Amazon warehouses.

Becoming a successful business and brand owner is now easier than ever on the online top player Amazon, through the stock help being offered specifically to address the madness going on with your inventory and stock management. Here is a list of pros of Amazon Stock Help.

1.     Restocking your Inventory

No need to stress over your restocking issues. Through the tools offered by Amazon Stock Help, you can receive recommendations on the quantities of order, and reordering dates. You can track your stock units and supplier orders and in return, achieve rocketing sales, as you match the market demand of your goodies.

You can further customize your recommendations by providing supplier information such as order lead time and case pack quantities.


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2.     Inventory management estimates

You receive estimates based on several factors like seasonality, history of pricing of your goods, the volume of your sales etc. Such data analysis and estimation are relevant in assisting you’re online and help you attain your target profits rapidly, and consequently, expand your supply.

3.     Updated supplier lead time

You can further distill your stock management by changing the level of incoming products from suppliers and distributing vendors and estimating the lead time of their arrival through the support of Amazon Stock Help. A quick tip from one seller to another: To update your lead time setting, you can utilize the SKU detail page on Amazon Stock Help. Furthermore, by selecting the product settings tool on the Amazon inventory page, you can configure your bulk settings.

4.     Viewing sale history

Another useful alert from Amazon Stock Help allows you to track the sales history of your subject product and selling goods. However, the sales history in Amazon Stock Help may not take the seasonal aspects on product demand into consideration. For products that do not have enough sales history data and other relevant data, the suggestions by Amazon stock help on product restocking and estimated sales may be based on historical sales of that particular product.

5.     Knowledge of pricing

The intense market competition won’t affect your market or sales. With the Amazon Stock Help, you super sellers can get alerts on the market price of certain goody and the price set up by a competitor. In case you do not have the lowest price, you do not have to lose your buyers and in turn your sleep over the declining market of your products over the issue of pricing. You can make an informed and well-analyzed decision and get back up on your feet

Well, here you have it my fellow aspiring merchants and sellers. Amazon has made your complex inventory issues a piece of cake through its stock help.

Happy selling!

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