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In the recently framed Shiniki area of Tokyo, Zen Seizaki is an industrious open examiner at the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office. Alloted to a case including bogus ad, Zen—alongside his associate official, Atsuhiko Fumio—explore Japan Supiri, a pharmaceutical organization that had given created clinical research on the organization’s new medication. While examining the record of Shin Inaba, an anesthesiologist associated with the wrongdoing, the case takes a dull turn when Zen finds a page recolored with a blend of blood, hair and skin, alongside the letter “F” wrote the whole way across the sheet. As he explores further, the case goes past Zen’s creative mind and turns out to be inconceivably intricate, testing his feeling of equity and his insight into reality.Sit in your couch and enjoy a wonderful show with amazing technology and fiction and graphics in it.

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